Past events founded by EEA Grants


  • 31.1.                Basics on goats breeding
  • 26.2.-1.3.        Weekend course - Diverse landscape     
  • 24.3.                From forests, water and hillsides of Kladno
  • 11.4.                Small ruminants in extensive breeding
  • 23.4.                Earth Day for school kids
  • 29.4.                School garden - the place of a huge biodiversity
  • 3.5.                  International Bird Day
  • 15.-17.5.         Eating wild vegetables
  • 17.5.                Day of Biodiversity
  • 30.-31.5.         Course on mowing
  • 13.-14.6.         Cheese making
  • 18.-21.6.         Weekend course - water and biodiversity
  • 22.6.                Planning and creating natural gardens with children
  • 16.-26.8.         Summer camp - Islands of solitude
  • 4.-6.9.              Natural gardens and beekeeping farms excursion
  • 7.9.                   European Day for Bats
  • 26.-27.9.         Environmentally friendly farms - excursion
  • 3.10.                Tall flowerbed - workshop
  • 4.10.                Herbs and logerry for beatles - workshop
  • 10.10.              World Animal Day
  • 18.10.              Gentle slaughtering and meat processing in small farms
  • 13.-14.11.       Animal rescue stations activities - workshop
  • 17.11.              Arbor Day


  • 23.1.                Small ruminants - goats breeding 
  • 14.2.                Water features for greater biodiversity
Water features for greater biodiversity - 14th of February 2016
This seminar was focused on using bathing ponds and root zone wastewater treatment at home and in public space and their implemention into the landscape. Thanks to a video presentation the participants has gained specific information about the principles of functioning of phyto and zooplankton, the use of higher plants in the wastewater treatment process.
Small ruminants - goats breeding - 21st of January 2016
The seminar was aimed for people who want to start with goat breeding. Participants have learned the fundamental issues relating to small ruminants breeding. Our lecturers talked about a proper selection of the breed and breeding stock, about nutrition preferences, preparation for lactation as well as other issues ensuring maximum performace of the animal.
Arbour Day - 17th of November
The visitors, mostly kids and their parents, could plant a tree around our centre, make their own product at our art corner as well as explore the details of tree seeds under a magnifying glass. The participants had the opportunity to vote the most beautiful tree in Kladno which they could choose from photos exposed on panels. 




Animal rescue station activities - workshop - 13th-14th of November
This workshop was focused on workers in rescue stations for injured wild animals from all around of the Czech Republic. They came to exchange their experience and discuss problems regarding their field of expertise. A new way of online animal registration was introduced, a method of trapping animals in buildings was discussed and demonstarted. We also talked about care of young otters and bat rabies.



Gentle slaughtering and meat processing in small farms - 18th of October
Another from our workshop series started off with a lecture on humane killing of a goat. Participants has learned how to kill the animal the most humane way possible and then how to process it into an edible form. Participants could test all procedures under the supervision of an experienced butcher. We also discussed aspects of the legislation, the handling of slaughter waste and small farm sales of livestock products directly from the yard to the final consumer.





World Animal Day - 10th of October
Nearly a hundred visitors came to celebrate Animal Day. They had a chance to make their own birds feeder, create some art products and older children could pass a knowledge test. Visitors could vote for a most likeable animal in our rescue station for wild animals. 



Herbs and logerry for beatles - workshop - 4th of October
Other from our workshp which took place at our centre was focused on biodiversity in connection with the use of perennial herbs and hiding places for insects in gardens. We have discussed we discussed various stages of successional habitat. After a short practical demonstration participants could create their own insect house and together we have built a raised herb bed.
Tall flowerbed - workshop - 3rd of October
Lecturer taught us about the basics of establishing flower beds and about their types. We have also discussed vermicomposting and its advantages. In the practical part of our seminar we have created a tall flowebed composed of branches, compost, horse manure, grass cuttinhs and soil.
Environmentally friendly farms - excursion - 26th-27th of September
This event was canceled for a lack of candidates. We will inform you about alternative date.
European Day for Bats - 7th of September
European Day for Bats is an international event to remember the significance and importance of bats protection. Our event was aimed for children but a number of adults visited us also. After the theoretical part, in which Ms. Ziegler approached all the basic information about the bats in our country, came the most interesting part - the demonstration of live bats. At the end we walked around our centre searching with detectors, listening bats in nature who just flew out hunting.
Natural gardens and beekeeping farms excursion - 4th - 6th of September
The first part of our excursion to permaculture gardens, natural educational areas and arborets and to important peronalities of Czech beekeeping took place all around the Czech republic. On Sunday we visited permaculture garden park in Tulln, Austria. The excursion was a success not only because of a nice weather and a relaxed party participants, who share love and respect for nature.

Summer camp - Islands of solitude - 16-26th of August
This year's summer camp was aimed for kids aged from 6 to 15 years. It took place in a beautiful area of sandstone cliffs in Český ráj. We took over the theme from famous story of Robinson Crusoe. It was a perfect topic for mapping of fauna and flora of surrounding nature. We played games, competitions and loads of other activities.  


Planning and creating natural gardens with children - 22nd of June

The natural garden is a large space not only for teaching but also for education to environmental and ethical literacy. Our seminar took place in the building of Libušín kindergarten and its surrounding garden. The lectors talked about pedagogical, architectural, ethical and ecological aspects of gardens. We discussed the hygienical and pedagiógical pros and prons of children's stay out.





 Weekend course - water and biodiversity - 18.-21st of June

This weekend course took place at Skryje near Rakovník on the bank of river Berounka, in surroundings of Zbirožský and Úpořský stream and around Skryjské ponds. A group of young people was trying various methods of looking for a presence of aquatic fauna and flora. Evenings were spent by walking while listening to voices f bats.



Cheese making - 13-14th of June
Our cheese making workshp was one of many workshops a seminars on milk processing and cheese making. This workshop was organized for advanced cheese makers. 
We have focused on more complex type of cheeses and exchanged and gained new information about cheese making.
Course on mowing - 30-31th of May
This workshop took place at a beautiful place with a log hut and large meadow around. Our lecturer thaught us how to tenderize our scythe, how to use whetstone properly and, of course, how to mow.
Day of Biodiversity - 15th of May    
We have celebrated this day by making a trip to the countryside. We have hiked on a nature trai that runs through Nature Conservation Area Český ráj and we learned about wetland habitat of this beautiful area.

Eating wild vegetables - 15th - 17th of May

The course took place at a beautiful spot on the bordeline of forest and meadow at Nature Conservation Area Křivoklátsko. Our lecturer tought us about eating wild vegetables and herbs and showed us these herbs on the spot.


International Bird Day - 3rd of May

We have meet up in early hours at our ecologic centre to walk around and listen to bird singing. We have tried to ring some small birds and we found out what’s hidden inside birdhouses.




School garden - the place of a huge biodiversity - 29th of April
This event took place at Toulcův dvůr – an ecologic centre in Prague. Participants could explore local garden with all its elements increasing biodiversity.
Earth day for school kids - 23th of April
On the 24th of April we’ve organized in cooperation with primary school Jiráskova in Švermov a celebration of the planet Earth. This event visited 128 participants.

Small ruminants in extensive breeding - 11th of April

The seminar was attended by 39 participants who have discussed issues related to animal husbandry. They’ve tried to examine animals in terms of health and nutrition, tried milking, foot care and ear tags applying.

The whole day was filled with indispensable information and especially practical work with animals which aimed to inform farmers about good care and welfare of the breed.
Diverse landscape - 26th of February - 1th of March 2015

Weekend course focused on monitoring and occurrence of animal and plant species which was held at Horní Hrad u Stráže nad Ohří and surrounding area. 


Basics on goats breeding - 31th of January 2015
Participants learned basic information about breeds, breeding and grant programs. In the second part of the program they received information about nutritional needs and feeding animals during the year. The workshop also included a veterinary part, where the participants learned about preventive health measures, particularly parasitic diseases.



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